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Coming home and taking a deep breath: Home only becomes a feel-good zone when your body and mind can relax. Fresh and pleasantly temperated air is a central elixir of relaxation. Brought into the living area in an energy-saving and comfortable way, filtered out pollutants and of course without any noise pollution. Welcome home

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Central, decentralized, single fan or networked system – tailor-made solutions for every ventilation task.

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From fan to sitcom

An almost completely normal family experiences the loving craziness of everyday life together. In this sitcom, everything revolves around the noticeably better lives of Thomas, Steffi, their daughter Marie and her loving grandpa. Fresh wind bring there additionally the frequent visits of the somewhat bizarre neighbor…

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Breathe deeply and relaxation for the whole family

A comfortable living environment is more than just having a roof over your head and using functional furnishings. I think we can all agree with that. So why should the air we breathe in our house, our apartment, our sheltered home be any different? That place where we spend more time than anywhere else?

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