Fresh air? Saving energy? These tips will help you!

Central ventilation throughout the house? Or better, systems with heat recovery in every room? Only WC and bathroom ventilators? Or save money right away, simply ventilate intermittently or tilt the windows? What brings fresh air quickly with minimal energy consumption? How does the bathroom get dry and odour disappear from the toilet without it getting cold in winter? It always depends on the situation – there are many ways to beat horrendous energy prices.

We have done the maths and put an end to false ventilation myths:

Myth WC ventilation: „With a loo window, I don’t need a fan!“

A longer session – and fresh air is definitely in high demand. Especially from the successor, who without ventilation only has the choice of „holding his breath“ or „dressing warmly“ when going to the loo.

Did you know?

A LIMODOR toilet fan only needs 5 to 7 minutes in a normal toilet to remove all odours. The room remains tempered because warm air flows in from the living area.

You save an enormous amount of energy with this!

Compare: For 7 minutes, a LIMODOR WC ventilator needs only 0.7 watts. A 100 watt light bulb for the WC lighting needs 11.7 watts for the same time and thus almost 17 times as much electricity. Tilting a window for an hour wastes 800 watts of energy – 1140 times as much! And the toilet is freezing cold afterwards. The decision is simple, isn’t it?

Myth of a damp bathroom:“ Open the window and the warm steam will escape!“

Opening the window after a shower works poorly. The bathroom is cold afterwards and has to be reheated. In addition, the damp steam usually arises and collects where there is no window.

Did you know?

A LIMODOR ventilator dries your bathroom in 20 minutes and the room remains comfortably warm thanks to air flowing in from the living area. Simple, automatically controlled and without annoying draughts.

Best of all, you save a maximum of energy!

A 100-watt light bulb for your bathroom lighting needs 7 times as much electricity as the fan in 20 minutes. And a tilted window loses as much as 85 times as much energy per hour, without the humidity disappearing completely. Enough arguments for a bathroom fan, right?

Myth central ventilation: „Only it is really energy-efficient“.

A well-planned modern central ventilation system saves energy, of course, but it also has weaknesses in terms of overall costs and ecological balance: Many construction elements, complex piping, continuous operation even when no one is at home, and expensive maintenance.

Did you know?

Smart, flexible alternatives are efficient decentralised ventilation systems from LIMODOR with up to 95% heat recovery. They are particularly energy-saving in smaller flats, living rooms, children’s rooms and bedrooms. They are also convenient and easy to retrofit, without complicated pipe systems.

This way you optimise your home ventilation several times over.

But very simple individual ventilators in toilets and bathrooms, combined with correctly executed shock ventilation or sound-insulated supply air elements with filters are also alternatives. Even this simple variant saves a lot of energy with little effort and has been used millions of times for decades as „LIMODOR“.

Absolute NO GO: Tilting windows for hours on end

There is a totally successful way to burn money when airing: Tilting windows for hours!

This is ineffective, uncomfortable and costs the equivalent of up to 100 litres of heating oil during the heating season – per window! Any ventilation solution is better than giving away valuable energy right now!

Better ask your installer about the economical solutions of the LIMODOR ventilation professionals!