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We are one of the most renowned manufacturers of ventilation devices in Europe. We cannot maintain a fixed position there for six decades and sell millions of supply and exhaust air systems by simply building fans. Ventilation is our mission, which we pursue with know-how and passion. In some dictionaries, our brand name Limodor has even become a synonym for ventilation devices. These qualities connect our teams in design, production, consulting and service. We find solutions that take sustainability and climate protection into account as well as comfort, security and changing living needs.


Fresh air for allWe bring fresh air into every home, creating quality of life for everyone. Fresh air at home without any intervention means relaxation and recreation.
Handshake qualityWe communicate with our customers and partners at eye level and stand by our word. We are the professionals when it comes to ventilation, but we always communicate simply, clearly and authentically.
SimplicityOur ventilation solutions are high quality and yet easy to install, commission and maintain. All our processes in the company are just as simple, so that we can focus on one thing: Optimal quality of life for all.

Corporate philosophy

Rooted in central Upper Austria, our family business feels at home in Europe. With our core markets in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, we stand for the highest quality in ventilation solutions futurewise. As a team, we live the family feeling among ourselves and maintain contact with our partners. We pride ourselves on using our passion, know-how and pragmatism to turn every home into a place of well-being.


Our path – from the unusual start to LIMODOR as a global brand.

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50 women and men united by a passion for fresh air.

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