Company history

from small electrical supplier to ventilation professional

Our path to success. From the unusual start in the WC to LIMODOR as a global brand

Company history


The start

The Berlin Wall is built, John F. Kennedy is elected president, and Yuri Gagarin becomes the first man to fly into space. A small company called Limot, Linzer Elektromotorenbaugesellschaft m.b.H., is founded in Linz. It manufactures components for small electric motors and quickly acquires a good reputation. Soon, industry giants such as Siemens are among its customers.


The birth of ventilation technology

Limot now builds its own products, specifically air handling units. The LIMODOR CC – “the egg” – puts an end to holding your breath in toilets. Not exactly the heroic start to a company’s history. But a successful one that discreetly fixes a humanity problem. Even many decades later, original “LIMODOR eggs” can still be found on many a toilet.


The classic is born: The single-pipe ventilation system

Apple builds the first computer with an integrated keyboard and display. Niki Lauda becomes Formula 1 world champion with Ferrari. And the LIMODOR W is the first single-pipe ventilation system to make its debut. Proven a million times over to this day: One central exhaust pipe, any number of connected devices, no defaced house facade. A market revolution.


The first own company building in Leonding

Chernobyl shakes the world and the Montral climate protection agreement is signed. With steady growth, Limot has fledged and needs space. The acquisition of a company site at the current location is followed by renovation in 1986 and relocation in 1987. The bright yellow building will become a defining brand feature for decades.

1988 bis 1992

Feel good at home trend

The Berlin Wall falls, then the Eastern Bloc, the world in upheaval. Environmental protection is increasingly coming into focus. “Cocooning”, feeling good at home, is in and will shape the ventilation industry in the future. Limot is building new equipment for this purpose. The LIMODOR B for thin partition walls. The C/E, again a “WC innovation” with bowl extraction, and the multifunctional F/E.


Lack of space after only five years

With the Maastricht Treaty, the EU in its current form becomes a reality. At Limot, the positive corporate development continues. Due to the steadily increasing demand, the company building, which was occupied only five years ago, quickly becomes too small. In 1992, a floor is added to the office building. Likewise, the warehouse is also growing.


Further rapid growth

The series of letter bombs and EU accession keep Austria on tenterhooks. Andi Goldberger is the first person to jump over 200m. Meanwhile, Limot is already bursting at the seams again. The largest expansion to date follows. A spacious new production facility including a warehouse will be built. The small electrical company in Leondingen has finally become a medium-sized company.


The F/M million fan is born

9/11 burns itself into the collective memory of mankind. On December 31, Austria says goodbye to the schilling and becomes a euro country. The LIMODOR F/M takes off and immediately secures full praise from experts and customers. Mountable with just a few clicks, convincing performance – the fan advanced to stardom and has since been installed millions of times.


Building again

Austria is suffocating in March in masses of snow, even in low-lying Leonding it is 50cm high. Limot continues to grow. The office wing will be expanded for technicians and administration, and a generously equipped conference room will be created. The facade changes strikingly: anthracite and silver gray become dominant colors, the limot yellow remains in the logo.


From single fan to system

The need for comfort in the home is increasing, and energy efficiency is becoming more important. At Limot, a major strategic move is made from component thinking to systems thinking. For the first time, individual fans are combined with a heat exchanger to form a smart living room ventilation system and operated with optimum effect via a control system: The AirClean central ventilation system is created.


New realities of life-new solutions

The end of the world prophesied in the Mayan calendar is not applicable. Urbanization and small single apartments are often the reality of living, and opening windows is often impossible because of dust and noise. Limot responds with the AirVital: The first decentralized room ventilation system is efficient, compact, quiet and retrofittable. And 70% heat recovery is also convincing.


Another ventilation idea

Germany wins the World Cup Brazil with 7:1 against Brazil and Conchita Wurst wins the Songcontest for Austria with “Rise like a Phoenix”. An office and warehouse expansion are on the agenda at Limot. The compact AirOdor is the second decentralized residential ventilation system to make its debut. It convinces with its energy efficiency, variable filters and sound attenuation.


Gottfried – the first robot

While Austria experiences the coldest January in 30 years and record heat in summer, US President Trump cancels the Paris climate agreement. However, the demand for innovative ventilation is increasing and has resulted in a first: the first robot in production. The company is named after Gottfried Reifenauer, the oldest Limot employee, who was born in 1932 but is still active.


The birth of the air conditioner fan

Austria holds the EU presidency. In Genoa, the Morandi Bridge collapses, and in London, a painting by street artist Banksy shreds itself at Sotheby’s. In Leonding, meanwhile, electronics make their way into the LIMODOR F/M “million-dollar fan” and turn the now F/M-EC into a multi-talent. 80% energy savings are a striking exclamation mark in terms of sustainability.


Whisper room ventilation and renewed extension

The Ibiza affair blows up the governing coalition, a cabinet of experts with the first female chancellor and a Turkish-Green government follow. The Leonding site is expanded again, and a modern office wing is built. The AirVital PRIME with 97% heat recovery, and whisper-quiet operation revolutionizes ventilation comfort for bedrooms and small apartments.


Limot becomes LIMODOR

Corona makes its first appearance in Austria in January, followed two months later by the first lockdown, and the Summer Olympics and European Football Championship are postponed. After almost 60 years, “Limot” is history as a company name. The company is now called LIMODOR, like its best-known brand. At the same time, a CI/CD relaunch and the reorganization of all fans into four basic system groups will take place.


Corona and basement ventilation

The year is marked by the pandemic. In-house, around 3,000 antigen tests successfully prevent mass sickouts. Ventilation booms naturally, a second robot strengthens production. Lockdown and home office make basements attractive for offices or wellness areas. With AirBase, LIMODOR has developed an innovative, comfortable basement ventilation system for this purpose.


Crises and ventilation trainer

Corona and then the Ukraine war lead to raw material shortages, supply chain problems and energy crisis. Due to production in Leonding and domestic suppliers, LIMODOR is comparatively little affected. With ventilation trainers developed in-house, future installers and ventilation technicians are trained at the WIFI’s. Commitment from professionals for professionals.


Growing together, remaining individual

Not a year for optimism: climate extremes are on the rise. Inflation, wars and conflicts are dividing people and countries. Reason enough to seek unity. This is exactly what is happening at LIMODOR: the three companies in Austria, Germany and Switzerland are merging to form a strong DACH brand, creating a top player in the ventilation market. Pooling potential, optimizing processes, product and service offerings for Europe without losing the strengths of their regional roots.
The new, joint website goes live on November 2, 2023. Shortly afterwards, the first major image campaign will be launched on all online channels. And with the cute little Marie, her parents Steffi and Thomas, the cool grandpa and the quirky neighbor, our “LIMODOR family” has its premiere. From now on, they will be our new face. Likeable, modern, authentic – just like us.
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