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Here, everyone who finds our LIMODOR family as interesting as we do will find an authentic insight into our company. We have a lot to offer, which is why great people work here. We are also happy to give anyone interested a very relaxed personal insight into the microcosm at LIMODOR.

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What we offer

Jobs at Limodor are not posted every day. Because there are few changes in our team, the feel-good factor is high. The reason for this is that we place a lot of emphasis on being a good fit for each other. Humanly as well as professionally. For us Limodorians, sustainability and a fresh, healthy climate are particularly important not only in our ventilation systems and customer relations, but just as much within the team. Support from the very beginning for all new team members and a motivating, appreciative environment matters Our hierarchies are flat and not an obstacle turning a good idea into a great product.

… and what we wish

We want team members who approach us with an open mind and plan a long-term journey with us. A good sense of humor and enjoyment of working in a team should be lived. Not only on the job, but also in the social corporate environment. Careerists, job hoppers, solitary people or self-promoters do not fit in. Think unconventionally, try new approaches, question the established – with pleasure. We are always ready to think outside the box and, if necessary, to take a multidisciplinary approach. This is our succes, over the past 60 years.

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