Showering and bathing – and still everything dry. With a bathroom ventilation, the mirror remains clear.

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Living room

Regeneration in the heart of your own four walls. Optimal living climate, without any intervention.

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Restful sleep in filtered air. Safe and secure, without noise or annoying gnats.

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FitNess & Wellness

Relaxation and sport needs a feel-good climate. Sensor-controlled ventilation modules protect against sauna humidity or the smell of sweat.

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Relaxed breathing – a question of comfort, especially on the toilet.

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Home office in trend. Optimal workplace climate, fresh air without noise pollution – easy to retrofit.

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Storage room

Dry air is the key. A humidity-controlled fan is the simple, low-cost solution.

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Way more than just a storeroom or laundry room, sensor-controlled basement ventilation offers protection against moisture and musty odors.

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Space for car, garden tools and workshop: An exhaust air unit provides protection from toxic exhaust gases and ensures dryness.

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