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Office, workshop, warehouse, sauna, laundry room, boiler room: The basement is no longer a dreary storage room, but is now a valuable reserve of space in times of horrendous housing costs. However, basements struggle with a physical phenomenon that often becomes a problem in the summer. The rooms are cooler than the ambient air due to their location in the ground. If warm, moist outside air enters the basement, condensation forms on the significantly cooler outside walls. A similar effect is created by drying laundry or when airing out a basement sauna. Mold, musty smell and „typical cellar atmosphere“ develop. A basement ventilation system helps effectively by effectively dehumidifying via smart sensors.


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Basement FAQ

Can fans with heat recovery also be retrofitted?
Why is a control unit and sensors useful for basement ventilation?
How to efficiently ventilate a sauna or laundry room?
Does basement ventilation quickly get the steam out of the room after a sauna session?
Are there basement ventilation variants for single and multi-family houses?
Is basement ventilation standardized?
Why are a control unit and sensors for ventilation necessary?
How are large storage rooms, e.g. lattice cellars in apartment blocks, ventilated?
Are there reliable automatic fans against moisture, for example, when drying clothes in the utility room?
How is a central ventilation system controlled?
Why do I need basement ventilation?
Centralized, decentralized or single room solution?

Our basement ventilation


The AirBase sensor-controlled basement ventilation system is an ideal weapon for mold control, basement drying or sauna ventilation. It automatically ensures a comfortable climate in the basement, as ventilation sensors measure the temperature and humidity inside and outside.


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