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On average, we spend a third of our lives there. As a relaxation room, it needs a special feel-good climate. Nothing is more disturbing than noise, gnats or sultry, humid air. If a central ventilation system does not provide fresh air in the entire living area, decentralized living room ventilation systems in particular are the ideal systems for healthy sleep and a 100% feel-good climate.


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Bedroom FAQ

Is there an unobtrusive ventilation system with heat recovery that requires little retrofitting?
I just want fresh air without a fan
Energy prices are going through the roof. Doesn't ventilation consume a lot of electricity over the year?
Gelsen are sleep killers. Don't these get into the house through the supply air?
Isn't hot air sucked into the bedroom in the summer?
Is a ventilation system in the bedroom too noisy?
Do decentralized ventilation systems protect against pollutants and allergies?
Are supply and exhaust air streams always active at the same time?
Why are decentralized ventilation units more energy efficient than fans?

Ventilation systems for bedrooms and children’s rooms

AirVital Prime

The AirVital PRIME is a highly efficient decentralized system for flush mounting that achieves an incredible 94.5% heat recovery. The intelligently controlled ventilation system impresses with extremely low power consumption and whisper-quiet operation, with effective protection against insects, aerosols, allergens and pathogens.



The AirVital decentralized residential ventilation system is an ideal single-room ventilation unit for surface mounting. Living rooms and bedrooms are soundproofed and supplied with fresh air in an energy-efficient manner. The compact device is ideally suited for ventilation retrofitting in the case of apartment renovation, but also for new buildings.



The AirOdor is a compact, space-saving device for controlled decentralized residential ventilation. The warm, stale exhaust air passes over a ceramic heat exchanger, where it releases its energy. The fresh air flowing in afterwards absorbs this heat again and thus reaches the living room at the right temperature.



Available in two configurations, the AirClean central ventilation system impresses in the cold season with high heat recovery rates of over 80%. The very low power consumption of the supply and exhaust air units and the option to switch to demand ventilation in summer also saves a lot of energy. This ensures climate protection and living comfort.


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