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A sauna or infrared cabin. Or some fitness equipment. Or a good time with friends in the basement? Everything is possible and more and more often realized. Fresh air and pleasant indoor climate, of course, needs relaxation. The challenge for ventilation: moisture, the smell of perspiration, or even food or cigarette smoke should not be trapped in the rooms, which are usually located in the basement.


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FAQ about fitness & wellness rooms

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Why is a control unit and sensors useful for basement ventilation?
How to efficiently ventilate a sauna or laundry room?
Does basement ventilation quickly get the steam out of the room after a sauna session?
Are there basement ventilation variants for single and multi-family houses?
Why are a control unit and sensors for ventilation necessary?
How is a central ventilation system controlled?
Why do I need basement ventilation?
Where and how are exhaust systems mounted?

Our ventilation systems

Limodor F/M-EC

As a consistent optimization of its predecessors, the installation-friendly LIMODOR F/M-EC combines the proven LIMODOR advantages with innovative control solutions. These potentiate its possible applications, increase comfort and at the same time protect the environment and your wallet with electricity savings of 40-50%.


Limodor F/M

The LIMODOR F/M single-pipe ventilation system impresses with its wide range of applications and quick installation. The fan can be configured in countless ways and can be activated with time, humidity, motion control or via the light switch.



The AirVital decentralized residential ventilation system is an ideal single-room ventilation unit for surface mounting. Living rooms and bedrooms are soundproofed and supplied with fresh air in an energy-efficient manner. The compact device is ideally suited for ventilation retrofitting in the case of apartment renovation, but also for new buildings.


AirVital Prime

The AirVital PRIME is a highly efficient decentralized system for flush mounting that achieves an incredible 94.5% heat recovery. The intelligently controlled ventilation system impresses with extremely low power consumption and whisper-quiet operation, with effective protection against insects, aerosols, allergens and pathogens.



The AirBase sensor-controlled basement ventilation system is an ideal weapon for mold control, basement drying or sauna ventilation. It automatically ensures a comfortable climate in the basement, as ventilation sensors measure the temperature and humidity inside and outside.


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