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Dry & Exhaust Protected

Garages are used multifunctionally both as storage space for vehicles, and often as a garden storage room or workshop. Typically, when it’s raining or snowing, ventilation should quickly dry the moisture caused by the car & co. Protection from musty smell, carbon monoxide, mold or even insects should also be provided. Depending on the requirement, this can happen through ventilation units or passive supply air elements.


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Garage FAQ

I often tinker with my car in the garage. What do I need to consider when ventilating?
I just want fresh air without a fan
Are there reliable automatic fans against moisture e.g. from wet vehicles in the garage?
How are large storage rooms, e.g. lattice cellars in apartment blocks, ventilated?
Where and how are exhaust systems mounted?
Centralized, decentralized or single room solution?

Our ventilation systems

Limodor F/M-EC

As a consistent optimization of its predecessors, the installation-friendly LIMODOR F/M-EC combines the proven LIMODOR advantages with innovative control solutions. These potentiate its possible applications, increase comfort and at the same time protect the environment and your wallet with electricity savings of 40-50%.


Limodor F/M

The LIMODOR F/M single-pipe ventilation system impresses with its wide range of applications and quick installation. The fan can be configured in countless ways and can be activated with time, humidity, motion control or via the light switch.



AirOnova supply air elements provide controlled, filtered fresh air without the disadvantages of opening windows. They can be used as passive stand-alone components for air supply or integrated as a component in various LIMODOR exhaust systems.


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