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Fresh air is essential, especially on the toilet. And a family restroom can get quite busy during peak hours. Even windows do not provide an optimal solution here, because especially in cold seasons so much energy is lost and the room cools down quickly, which is highly unpleasant on the toilet. WC ventilation is inexpensive and has many, many bonuses.


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What fans are used in bathrooms?
Do I always have to switch the fan on and off separately?
Doesn't a ventilation system on a much-used family toilet require a lot of energy?
It's still getting cold in the toilet and bathroom when ventilated in winter?
Doesn't a toilet fan take a long time to exchange all the bad air?
How energy efficient are exhaust air systems?
Can fans and controls of built-in fans be replaced?
Where and how are exhaust systems mounted?
Centralized, decentralized or single room solution?
Cost-benefit analysis for ventilation planning
What distinguishes conventional fans from the Limodor single-pipe ventilation system?

Our ventilation systems

Limodor F/M-EC

As a consistent optimization of its predecessors, the installation-friendly LIMODOR F/M-EC combines the proven LIMODOR advantages with innovative control solutions. These potentiate its possible applications, increase comfort and at the same time protect the environment and your wallet with electricity savings of 40-50%.


Limodor F/M

The LIMODOR F/M single-pipe ventilation system impresses with its wide range of applications and quick installation. The fan can be configured in countless ways and can be activated with time, humidity, motion control or via the light switch.



The LIMODOR B is a single-pipe ventilation system for flush or surface mounting. The unit can be mounted in any position and is the ideal fan for installation in thin partition walls, as it has an exceptionally shallow installation depth. Typical field of application are bathrooms and toilets.



The Limodor C WC ventilator is a single-pipe ventilation system for surface or flush mounting and is primarily used for toilet ventilation. The device can be mounted in any position.


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