Central ventilation system

A smart control and sensors regulate the supply and exhaust air components for all rooms. Heat recovery is also integrated – an efficient solution for modern living. Increased comfort needs and a comfortable indoor climate, but also protection against mold or dangerous gases, are their strengths.

  • Modern single-family homes
  • Basement ventilation
  • Winter garden ventilation/heating
  • Radon protection in polluted areas
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Decentralized living room ventilation

Individually adjustable feel-good climate in home office rooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms or small apartments. The combination of ventilation and ventilation in a compact device is typical. Heat recovery from the exhaust air regulates the temperature of the fresh air, and the installation effort for the energy-efficient systems is comparatively low.

  • bedrooms
  • nursery
  • Small apartments
  • Office space in a private environment
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Exhaust system

Get rid of stale air with axial and centrifugal fans or the patented LIMODOR single-pipe ventilation system that can connect all fans to a central exhaust pipe. A flexible modular system of individual types, a plug-in board system for the control system and many motor variants offer multifunctional planning and maximum flexibility.

  • WC (room and bowl suction)
  • Showers and bathrooms
  • Storage rooms, garages, warehouses, kitchens
  • House and basement ventilation systems
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Supply air

Fresh air supply for increasingly better insulated apartments with minimized energy loss and no drafts. This prevents moisture and thus mold formation. Further advantages include effective protection against carbon monoxide, filters against allergens, fine dust and insects and sound insulation.

  • House and basement ventilation systems
  • Fan boxes
  • Basement ventilation in apartment blocks
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