The Limodor W is a single-pipe ventilation system with main suction point above the housing cover for flush mounting. The powerful exhaust air system provides efficient air exchange as kitchen ventilation, in guest, fitness and exhibition rooms or in public toilets. The fan can be mounted in any position, the check valve is closed with a spring. Used in room extraction, up to three additional rooms can be connected via filter trays. The Limodor W can also be surface mounted in any position as a central air handling unit, also with spring-closing non-return damper and up to four connectable suction lines. The system is supplied in three separate components: Housing, housing cover and, at choice, blower inserts with asynchronous or EC motors. However, the LIMODOR W can also be used as a supply air element. The sucked in outside air is distributed via pipe capacities and filter trays or disc valves.


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    public toilets, kitchens, family houses, laboratories, sauna, hobby, fitness rooms, guest and exhibition rooms, etc.
    Capacitor motor (continuous duty)
    230 V ~, 0.4A, 80 W
    320 m³/h


    Δps = 88 Pa
  • TOTAL SOUND LEVEL (according to ÖNORM S 5031)
    63 dB(A)
    NW 100/125 mm
    top left outgoing

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