Accessories & Spare Parts

Sustainability as a mission

Our daily lives produce mountains of waste, squander precious resources, sweat climate change, and rush from duty to duty. Our philosophy: We deliberately do things differently with our products.

We create fresh air with quality products for many years instead of cheap mass-produced products with expiration dates. Spare parts for our products – such as new and / or optimized blowers – are available for decades and fit into existing housings. All this reduces waste and conserves resources.

We consistently minimize the installation effort by developing innovative click and plug systems. A filter change requires only a few manual operations. Plug and play is the order of the day and has already been implemented in many fans. And a multitude of smart elements – controls, time, humidity or motion relays and sensors – provide an optimal living climate in an automated way with efficient, sustainable operation without any further intervention.

Comfort through sustainability and  Innvoation – our self-image.


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New part, old housing: replacement blower

Many fan housings are usually walled in. Some of our products almost 60 years. It is impossible to prevent the associated blower from reaching the end of its life at some point, even with top devices. Or perhaps to be replaced with a more energy efficient one. The good thing is that Limodor replacement blowers, even of older models, are available for decades and can be replaced in just a few steps. Without having to pry the entire fan out of the wall. 

Replacement blower

FAQ on the subject of spare parts

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