Central ventilation system

Intelligently controlled comfortable climate for home and basement

A smart control and sensors regulate the supply and exhaust air components for all rooms. Heat recovery is also integrated – an efficient solution for modern living. Increased comfort needs and a comfortable indoor climate, but also protection against mold or dangerous gases, are their strengths.


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Efficient ventilation for all applications

Due to modern construction methods, the building envelope is becoming increasingly tight. Therefore, the air exchange must take into account both the efficient removal of stale air and a guaranteed supply of fresh air. Sustainability and climate protection require saving as much energy as possible. Classic window opening is increasingly problematic not only for energy waste but also for noise reasons. In basements that are being used more and more often, mold growth and musty odors are also an issue. All these requirements are taken into account by central ventilation. During the heating season, it offers a high level of energy savings due to its high heat recovery efficiency and very low power consumption. Outside the heating period, the system can be switched to pure demand ventilation.

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Our central ventilation systems


Available in two configurations, the AirClean central ventilation system impresses in the cold season with high heat recovery rates of over 80%. The very low power consumption of the supply and exhaust air units and the option to switch to demand ventilation in summer also saves a lot of energy. This ensures climate protection and living comfort.



The AirBase sensor-controlled basement ventilation system is an ideal weapon for mold control, basement drying or sauna ventilation. It automatically ensures a comfortable climate in the basement, as ventilation sensors measure the temperature and humidity inside and outside.


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