Available in two configurations, the AirClean central ventilation system impresses in the cold season with high heat recovery rates of over 80%. The very low power consumption of the supply and exhaust air units and the option to switch to demand ventilation in summer also saves a lot of energy. This ensures climate protection and living comfort. AirClean 180 (for small and medium-sized apartments) or AirClean 300 (for large apartments and houses) provide a comfortable climate fully automatically through smart, central ventilation control.  Allergy protection is supported by filters against dust, pollen and other pollutants in the air intake. Used air, bacteria and viruses, but also humid sauna air or cigarette smoke are quickly extracted with decentralized LIMODOR exhaust air units. Heat recovery takes place via an efficient heat exchanger. Optional integrated silencers ensure whisper-quiet air exchange.


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The exhaust air

LIMODOR individual ventilation units with a permanent base load stage of 30m³/h in winter operation are placed in the sanitary rooms and connected to a common exhaust air duct, just like a conventional single-pipe ventilation system. The only difference is that the exhaust air is not discharged through the roof, but through the heat exchanger box and then through the outside wall into the open air. Each of these ventilation units can be switched individually to the operating ventilation mode (60m³/h) by means of an overrun relay, interval relay, humidity control, motion detector or similar. This brings the advantage that the control of each fan can be adapted to the local conditions.

3 LIMODOR air handling units á 60/30 m³/h, 230 V ˜, 11/7 W, 0,075 A, 32/26 dB(A)

The supply air

The supply air is supplied to the bedrooms and living rooms by means of an electronically controlled supply air box via the heat exchanger and LIMODOR supply air valves. The supply air volume is always controlled as a function of the exhaust air volume. This means that the supply air volume automatically adapts to the operating state (basic or full load) of the LIMODOR individual ventilation units and thus ensures that no underpressure or overpressure occurs in the building or in the residential unit.

1 AirClean supply air fan box max. 225 m³/h, 230 V ˜, max. 32 W, 0.30 A, max 35 dB(A)

The overflow

The overflow between the individual rooms takes place via the connecting doors (door slot at the bottom) or via specially installed LIMODOR overflow openings. These openings should always be placed so that the air flows through the rooms as evenly as possible and over the entire area. The supply and exhaust air of a room should be diagonal, if possible.

Product comparison

AirClean 180

  • Scope of application: apartment
  • Volume flow: 60 – 180 m³ /h
  • Heat recovery rate: >80%
  • Voltage 230V
  • Power consumption: 6-65 watts
  • Intrinsic noise: exhaust air 32dB(A), supply air 35dB(A)
  • Filter class: supply air F5, exhaust air G4

AirClean 300

  • Scope of application: apartment, single-family house
  • Volume flow: 90- 300 m³ /h
  • Heat recovery efficiency: 88 – 91%.
  • Voltage 230V
  • Power consumption: 30-115 watts
  • Intrinsic noise: Exhaust air 32dB(A)
  • Filter class: supply air F7, exhaust air G4
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