The AirOdor is a compact, space-saving device for controlled decentralized residential ventilation. Ideally, the inconspicuous tubular system is suitable for single-room ventilation. The warm, stale exhaust air passes over a ceramic heat exchanger, where it releases its energy. The fresh air flowing in afterwards absorbs this heat again and thus reaches the interior rooms at the correct temperature. Filters and unobtrusive cover plates provide allergy protection and noise reduction. Up to eight AirOdor systems can be combined with smart controls.


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Assembly & Maintenance

The assembly

Since the air exchange takes place only through a pipe with a diameter of 160mm, an installation of the system works quickly and easily. The two tubes available in different lengths allow the use in wall thicknesses from 260 – 800mm

The maintenance

An integrated filter monitoring (signal tone) supports the user in monitoring the filter contamination. The filter can be replaced independently by the user and, if the filter is properly maintained, no additional maintenance work is usually required. If filter monitoring is not desired, it can simply be deactivated on the controller.

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