The AirVital decentralized residential ventilation system is an ideal single-room ventilation unit for surface mounting. Living rooms and bedrooms are soundproofed and supplied with fresh air in an energy-efficient manner via a two-way supply/exhaust air pipe. AirVital can also be used well as office or children’s room ventilation. A heat exchanger enables 70% heat recovery. The compact device is ideal for retrofitting ventilation in a home renovation as well as new buildings. Only one core drilling and one power connection are required. This allows easy and time-saving assembly.


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Assembly & Maintenance

The assembly

For the installation of the AirVital unit, only a core drilling through the outer wall is necessary. The electrical connection is made either via a socket provided next to the unit or via a direct connection on the rear panel of the unit.

The maintenance

An integrated filter contamination indicator (display) supports the user in monitoring the pollen filter. The filter can be replaced independently by the user and, if the filter is properly maintained, no additional maintenance work is usually required.

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