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Fresh air supply for increasingly better insulated apartments with minimized energy loss and no drafts. This prevents moisture and thus mold formation. Further advantages include effective protection against carbon monoxide, filters against allergens, fine dust and insects and sound insulation.


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Carbon monoxide safety risk

Gas stoves or furnaces can become a deadly trap if the oxygen supply is missing. Fume hoods, exhaust fans or air conditioners remove oxygen from the environment. An integrated supply air element ensures that sufficient fresh air is always drawn in, even when windows and doors are closed and in rooms without windows. It is thus an important carbon monoxide protection. The additional noise reduction compared to the open window guarantees healthy sleep, helps allergy sufferers and provides the optimal living atmosphere full of fresh air.

FAQ on the subject of supply air system

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Our supply air systems


AirOnova supply air elements provide controlled, filtered fresh air without the disadvantages of opening windows. They can be used as passive stand-alone components for air supply or integrated as a component in various LIMODOR exhaust systems.


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