AirOnova supply air elements provide controlled, filtered fresh air without the disadvantages of opening windows. They can be used as individual elements to supply air to living rooms and bedrooms or integrated as a component in various LIMODOR exhaust systems. Filters for, protection from dust, pollen and allergens, as well as wind pressure protections provide high living comfort. Fresh air supply with simultaneous noise protection is an important contribution to the quality of life, especially in urban areas or along traffic routes. Supply air elements save a lot of energy during the cold season and are therefore important helpers in climate protection. If their inlets are placed near radiators, the incoming fresh air is pleasantly tempered. The AirOnova system is integrated either in a straight wall diffuser or particularly inconspicuously in the window reveal.


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AirOnova LZE-RD

Supply air element in round design

AirOnova LZE-FL

Supply air element in flat design

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